Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Princess Ashtyn

Our Sweet Ashtyn turned 1!!! Wow time sure flies!!!! We had a birthday party at home for Miss Priss. She wasn't sure about all the people, but had a great time eating cake (and lots of it) and opening all her presents. We defientely have a DIVA on our hands and

Of course the boys had to get presents from the grandparents.... would hate for them to run low on toys.... LOL!!!

Casen's 3rd Birthday party!!!!

Our sweet Casen turned 3. He has been so excited about his birthday and has been asking "is it my birthday" for the last couple of months. We had the party at a bouncy house place and everyone had a great time. We are constantly reminded of how blessed we are to have so many great family and friends!!!!

Happy birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!!!

Ashtyn loved the big slide!!!

Rayden wouldn't let me take his picture, so this is all I got!!!

Big Slide!!!

Ashtyn had a blast in the bouncy houses!!!

Some of the kids from the party!

Casen wanted cupcakes instead of a cake!

Rayden and his cousin Gage.

Ashtyn loving some pizza!

Casen and one of his new Bunnies!!!

New police car!!!!

Getting his hand print put on the wall!

My sweet babies are growing up way to fast!! As you can tell, I have been a little busy lately and have been a BAD, BAD, blogger!!! I feel like we are always running in fifteen different directions. Rayden finished Pre K, loving every day of school! He is now playing indoor soccer and trying to enjoy summer before Kindergarten starts. He will turn 6 in September!!! Casen just celebrated his 3rd birthday this weekend. He is such a sweetheart. He loves animals and is thinks he is just as big as his big brother. Ashtyn turned 1 last week. She is walking and into everything. She is a momma's girl and doesn't like for me to be out of her sight.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Family

Family pictures December 2010
by Adrian Melberg
Rayden 5 years
Casen 2 years
Ashtyn 4 1/2 months

Monday, January 10, 2011

Have you missed me??????

Where has the time gone? I guess with trying to keep up with 3 kids I just haven't had time to update my blog. This will probably be a several part update. As I am going through pictures I realize I haven't even blogged about Halloween..... oops.... not to mention School happenings, Thanksgiving parties, Christmas parties, family pictures we had taken, Christmas, and evertyhing in between!!!!

When I last blogged Ashtyn was only 2 1/2 months old, we are fast approaching 6 months!!!!

Casen is still attending Parents Day Out twice a week and although he says he doesn't like school, he has a lot of fun there and loves his teachers!

Rayden is still loving school and we have survived both Soccer and Basketball~ he loved both, although soccer is much more his sport than basketball! He is looking forward to Tball season starting.

So let's start with Halloween.
The kids dressed up as Batman, Robin, and Batgirl!

Rayden with his AWESOME teacher Mrs. Herron and Assistant Mrs. Biggers

Rayden earned a STAR award at school and Taylor Potts was at the assembly to hand out the awards!!!! Rayden became a Tech fan for an entire day!!! He was waving his Guns Up like a true fan!!!!

In the exciting life of Ashtyn, she now gets to eat food!!!

On a much less sweet note, Chance and Rayden went hunting one weekend in Jacksboro. Rayden loves going hunting and Chance really has to find his patience to survive hunting with Rayden because as you all know Rayden is anything but still and quiet.... EVER!!!! After several hours in the deer blind and no deer coming in they decided to give it up for the day. As they were fixing to get out of the blind Chance heard something and saw some hogs moving in. Back in the blind they go. Rayden could hardly contain himself- he wanted a hog!!!! So with a little help from Dad, Rayden got him a hog. He could NOT be prouder of that ugly thing!!!!

Then come the School Parties....
First a Thanskgiving Feast at Rayden's school. His classed dressed up as Indians, the class next door dressed up as Pilgrims and they had a feast!!!!

Ashtyn loves parties at the school.
She gets so much attention and so much room to play in the floor!!!
This is her at 4 months!!!!
Then it was a Christmas Party at Casen's school!
Santa came to visit. Casen wasn't that sure about sitting in his lap.... but he did it. When Santa asked who had been good, Casen quickly answered "My Momma" Good answer, good answer!!!!
And we finished it off with a Christmas Brunch at Rayden's school!!
They had all kinds of fun activities for them, including decorating cupcakes!

Casen dumped the entire bottle of sprinkles on his cupcake!!!!

And Ashtyn looked as cute as a cupcake in her Chistmas outfit!!!!
The class got presents from Melf the Elf....

And that, my blogging buddies, is a little update!!!!
Next our family pictures and Christmas!!! But that will have to wait, the baby is crying and needs to be fed and put down for a nap!!!