Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Has It Been 4 Years Already????

Today my sweet baby boy, Rayden, turned 4!!! Is that even possible???? Seems like just yesterday.....

Rayden is such a wonderful, loving, strong headed, energetic little guy. He is always on the go, busy all the time, always into something. Our house is definitely anything but calm and quiet with him around!!! He loves his brother, although he doesn't always show it, and makes sure that Casen understands the pecking order!!! Rayden loves so many things these days~ Spiderman, Batman, Superman, SpongeBob, soccer, playing trucks, and role playing as a Policeman or Firefighter (and he got the costumes for his birthday to top it off)!!! He loves to "work" and on most days would prefer to be at the shop with his dad painting, sweeping, or just playing in the dirt and throwing rocks. He is definitely a daredevil and LOVES riding the 4 Wheeler, especially when it has rained and there is a mud puddle to drive through!!!
We had Rayden's birthday party this past weekend at Copper Caboose. It was lots of fun for the kids (and adults!!) We are so thankful for all of our friends and family!!! Our kids are truly blessed!

The cake me & Melissa made
(still need a little practice with the fondant!!)
(Mimi and Chance.....can we say OCD???)
New Boots!
Sweet Little Kade

Then it was home to try out all the new toys....
Today was also Rayden's first day back to Parents Day Out. He was so excited to get back and see all of his friends! I took cupcakes for all the kids today, so that made it an extra special day for Rayden!!!

His teacher had a special "Birthday Boy" pin for him to wear!!

Casen enjoying his cupcake!!!