Monday, October 4, 2010

We took the boys to their first Gary P Nunn concert last weekend in Brownfield. It was an outdoor concert in the park, the weather was beautiful and we all had a blast!!! The boys played in the dirt and then danced their boots off (literally)!!!!

Can we say "Ladies Man"????

He danced til he couldn't dance anymore!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Life has been crazy and hectic since Ashtyn joined us!!! Keeping up with 3 kiddos has me running! On top of the new little one Rayden started Preschool this year, Casen started at our church's Parents Day Out, and Rayden has started soccer. Since Ashtyn was born, we have also squeezed in two birthdays. Casen turned two (last posting) and Rayden turned five! The last 8 weeks have flown by and have been packed with lots of excitement!!!

These are from Ashtyn's 1 week photo session

Rayden started Preschool and was so excited. I was both excited and sad. The house is awfully (wonderfully) quiet with him at school all day. It was hard not to be excited because he was so excited!!!

Then it was Casen's turn. His first day at PDO he was soooo excited with his "pack pack" and lunchbox and marched right into the church like the owned the place... until he got to the room and realized he was staying and I was leaving! He didn't cry long. Day 2 of school there was no crying at drop off, but he had a meltdown after lunch. When I asked him why he cried he said (in his little 2 year old voice) "Cause I wanted you".... my heart nearly broke in half!!!

Ashtyn helped Rayden clean his hands....
Then the day came that my baby turned 5!!! Yes, 5. How is that even possible?
We all went up and ate lunch with him at school. He got to sit at the special "birthday table".
That afternoon we took cookies to Rayden's class!
This year we had Rayden's birthday party at Dave's Need 4 Speed~ laser tag, cosmic golf, and go karts!!! It was an awesome party!!!! Rayden invited a few of his closest friends and all of our families and spent about 3 hours having a blast. The big boys had as much fun as the little ones racing on the go karts!!!

Now it's time for soccer. This is Rayden's second year playing and I have to brag a little~ he's pretty good for a little guy!!! All the hours playing outside with his dad are paying off!!! He really loves soccer and is a great athlete. Chance is coaching again this year and Rayden often tells Chance "I love that you are my coach"!

Ashtyn enjoyed her brother's first game. She is now 8 weeks old and growing like a weed!!!