Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Pictures!!!!

Once upon a time there was SPIDERMAN......

and then there was the PIMP!!!!

We went to the fall festival at church last night!!! I wasn't sure how the pimp costume Chance picked out for Casen was going to fly in church, but he got a lot of compliments & lots of laughs!!! And not that I am partial, but how could he not????? He looked absolutely adorable!!!!

Last week was Rayden't field trip to the Corn Maize. I would love to say that it is always a blast, but for some reason that place is bad luck for me. Mark my word..... I will NEVER drive there again. Last year I got stuck, yes stuck in the mud. Rayden is still traumatized by that experience. This year Rayden chose to ride the bus (Yes, the child didn't want to ride with his Momma)!!! This year was even worse.... I ran over something in the parking lot. It was something sticking up (like maybe a water spicket) with a tire thrown over it, so apparently I wasn't the first to hit it. Okay, so that doesn't sound so bad, but I haven't mentioned that I was in my BRAND NEW car, yes only had it four days!!!! It is a fixable accident, but I was sick the whole day about it.
Now, enough with my pity party. The boys had a great time, and I managed to get a few pictures in.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To grow or not to grow????

Our family that is! Chance and I are at a crossroads.... should we have another baby or do we stop while we are a head (maybe not ahead, but atleast not outnumbered, ha!). I REALLY want a little girl (and secretly, I think Chance actually would like one as well!). But if we try again we are just going to have another boy......Right?? Probably so, then we will be up to 3 little boys and I am still going to want a girl......then what???? Should we just spare my poor body another pregnancy and move ahead with trying to adopt a baby girl???? Lord All Mighty, I need an answer!!!! We have prayed and prayed about this and I am still in limbo!!! Some days I feel like we are to go ahead and adopt, other days I am thinking we should try again ourselves..... Oh, it is such a HUGE decision!!! Can I even handle 3 kids???? That is a lot of car seats!!! Maybe I should be content with my two precious (and sometimes not so precious) little boys!!! But then that would mean I will never get to buy pink...... lots of pink, and bows, and cute sparkly little shoes!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fishing at Oak Creek

Over the weekend we took a family vacation down to a wonderful little lake south of Sweetwater, Oak Creek. My grandparents used to take me and my brother every summer and I have sooooo many great memories at that lake. It has been nearly eight years since my grandfather passed away and I still miss him every day. Going back to the lake brought back so many great memories for me, and I was glad to be able to take my kids and let them create memories at Oak Creek with my grandmother. It was a great time with friends and family ~ my dad, step mom, sister & her boyfriend, my grandma (mama), my cousins Jonanna & Ken and their daughter Karah, and friend Duke and his son Chris. There was lots of fishing, boating, jet skiing, food, and time spent together. It was Rayden's first time to go to a lake, so he was so excited. The boat wasn't all that he anticipated ~ just sitting there wasn't all that fun after all ~ but get him on the jet ski and the boy was in heaven!!! He loved to go fast......and I mean FAST!!!! The weather was overcast most of the weekend, but I guess that was better than us all cooking in the heat!!!

Rayden's first catch!
Casen thought the boat was a great place to nap!!!

My dad, aka Pops, and the boys.

My grandma, Rayden, and cousin Karah fishing at the dock.

Rayden & Casen checking out the fish Rayden caught
(yes, he wouldn't throw them back and insisted on carrying them around in his bucket!!)

Chance & Casen

Rayden and his next catch!!

Casen says "I ain't scared, I'll touch it"!!!

Rayden bringing his fish up for us to see

Pops & Casen on the Jet Ski

Rayden driving the Jet Ski

Casen was so adorable in his life jacket!!
Some serious fishing going on down on the dock

Casen crashed out in the camper!!
My beautiful Mama!!
She just turned 86 years old and is probably in better health than me!!!
Have I mentioned that she LOVES to fish!!!!

Rayden driving Ken around.

Me, Casen, and Karah on the beach area.

Looking for sea shells

Sweet baby boy Rayden!!!