Wednesday, June 16, 2010

34 Weeks.... & Counting......

Things haven't changed much. My fluid levels are still high, but have remained stable. Ashtyn did measure small last week (in the 20th percentile). They said they weren't alarmed by this, that we would just keep an eye on her growth. I am now doing twice weekly monitoring and once weekly ultrasounds. We are still NOT prepared for the lil Miss. Hopefully we will get her nursery painted over this weekend and hope her bedding gets in soon!!!!! Time is flying by and she will be here before we know it!!!!!!

She did make her mommy proud at the last ultrasound.... not only did she have her Guns Up

But she also put her Horns Down!!!!!
Sorry Daddy
(I'm sure she only did it because she knew he wasn't there to see it LOL)