Monday, December 1, 2008

Where have I been????

I know it has been forever..... I really thought I was going to be a good blogger when I started this, but it is more time consuming than I thought......I will try to do better, I promise!!! Things have been fast and furious for us. Thanksgiving was great, we spent it with my family in Brownfield and then spent a nice long weekend home, enjoying some family time. Casen is a little over four months old now and is growing like a weed! After Rayden was such a tiny thing, it is funny to see how big Casen is. We tell Rayden that he better start eating cause Casen is going to outgrow him before too long! Casen is eating food now, and loving it! There isn't anything he has tried that he didn't like. Rayden is staying busy with school and tumbling, and Chance and I are just trying to survive the terrible 3's. Rayden is so excited about Christmas this year, making it even more enjoyable. He can recognize his name, so he knows which presents under the tree are his. We have told him that he has to wait, that they are for Christmas, so every morning he wakes up and tells me (not asks me), "It's Christmas Time"!!! Here are some updated pictures of the boys....

Casen's first taste of carrots
Rayden & Casen

Casen chewing on his hands and trying to figure out how to get moving

Rayden is such a good big brother, he might give me and Chance a hard time, but he LOVES his baby!!!!

Casen has really grown into the swing.... we can turn it up to a 3 and it will still hardly move!!!!

He loves to stand, he is ready to take off... just maybe if his head wasn't so heavy he could make some progress!!! ha ha!!! He is already so tall........

This just cracks me up, we are working on time out with Rayden, in the entry way, because putting him in his bedroom just isn't working, he won't stay, he plays, he throws stuff..... (you know how that goes) so we have started making him put his nose in the corner where we can see him, but where he is removed from us. Here, I had to put Chance & Rayden in the corner! Rayden thinks that it is hilarious to get his dad in trouble and then both of them stand in the corner. I couldn't help but take a picture. And poor Chance...... well, atleast he is a good sport about it!!!!

On another note......

A few weekends ago I went on a Walk to Emmaus. It was such a great weekend and I am soooo glad that I went. I was really dreading going and was looking for a good excuse to get out of going (one that Holly would actually believe...) but I was glad that God put me there. I met some amazing women, some that were without doubt "God Sent" to touch me and my heart. I left the weekend with a sense of peace that I had been searching for for a long time. I want to thank all of you girls that put so much hard work into the weekend and getting the group of us hard headed girls there.... Dawn, Holly, Amanda, & Steph~Thanks!