Saturday, January 17, 2009

Casen & Chance Playing

Sorry the video isn't the best quality, I just caught it with my phone, but Casen's laugh is still hysterical!!! He really loves his daddy. Be sure and watch to the end to catch Rayden's cameo appearance!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures of the Boys

Before Christmas I took the boys to get their pictures taken. Just wanted to share a few of them.

Christmas, Deer Lease, and Misc....

We made it through the holidays and then spent the second day of the year moving into our new house!!!! We are so excited to be in a new house, where we have a little (okay, a lot) more room, and after all the Christmas presents the boys got, we needed more room!!!!

Rayden is growing and still a ball of energy. He started back to Parent's Day out and tumbling after a few weeks off for Christmas, so we have been trying to get back into a routine. Santa brought Rayden the trampoline he had been asking for.

Casen is 5 months old now. He is sitting up on his own, and just nearly crawling. He rolls all over the place, from one side of the house to the other and scoots in between. He hasn't quite figured out holding his head up while trying to crawl, so he buries his head and pushes with his legs. He can cover a lot of ground doing this, but it usually leaves a little carpet burn on his poor little head!!!

Here is an overload of pics, since I have been slacking....

Sitting up like a big boy!!
Deer Lease
We spent New Year's Eve down at the deer lease. Rayden put a lot of miles on his new tractor, and dug up a lot of dirt. Rayden loves the deer lease because there is so much room to play and explore.

Rayden & Chance playing on their toys!
Casen trying his hand at driving the tractor!


Just taking it all in

Rayden on his new tractor

Casen in a mess of paper and presents

Rayden opening presents at Pop's house.

Christmas morning, Rayden looking out the back door to find his trampoline Santa left!


Tumbling Meet

In December, Rayden had his first tumbling meet. He did very good, and wasn't scared with all the people watching. He got first place in tumbling and trampoline!!

Getting ready to do his tumbling routine!

Doing a back flip!

The Polar Express

We went with some friends one night to take the boys on the Polar Express. The boys really enjoyed it. Rayden is still talking about riding the train.

Rayden telling Santa what he wants

The Happy Family!!!

Rayden & Brayden

Just being silly!