Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Baby!!!

It is hard for me to believe that a year ago at this time I had been in the hospital for nearly 12 hours, the pitocin had been started and I was waiting on my epidural, and it would only be a few hours before we would be blessed again with another little boy. Casen Aaron arrived nearly a month early at 7lbs 7 oz and was perfectly healthy!!! He arrived with a full head of dark red, curly hair!!!

Now, a year later my blond headed boy isn't so little!!! He weighs 22 lbs 15 oz (55 %) and is 30.8 in tall (75%)!! He is an eater and loves all food. He has been walking for four months already and is a very independent little guy. His 7th tooth just broke through over night. He loves to be outside! He is busy all of the time and the only time he is still is when he is asleep, and even then he isn't that still!!!

Saturday we celebrated his birthday at our house with friends and family. It was a good time, with lots of good food (not good for my weekly weigh in) and good company!!!

His birthday Cake
(not my best work)
Casen's Pig Cake for him to dig into!

He really wasn't too interested in eating the cake!!
And then it was on to opening presents...
(sitting in his chair that HE picked out and Mimi bought him. I have to tell you, we were in Toys R Us and Casen found that chair and immediately climbed in it. We proceeded through the store picking out presents when he saw the chair again, he ran to it and climbed back in it, but this time wouldn't get out of it!!! I would get him out and pick the chair up to carry it to the checkout and he would run behind me screaming until I would set the chair back down for him to sit it!! We can honestly say, he picked it out himself!!)

Lots and lots of presents!!!

The batman 4 Wheeler from Mommy, Daddy & Bubba
(Rayden picked it out, he was sure Casen would want a Batman one)
I can cover more ground just pushing it....

Playing in the ball tent Mimi got me!!

Just hanging out, watching the kids play...
Very important conversations.... it looks serious!!

and more talking...

Then things got crazy, it was down to the skimmies to try out some of the water toys Casen got......

Okay, I am really hoping you weren't expecting to see me in my skimmies, that might ruin your whole day!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer is flying by. We have been staying busy, playing outside as much as this West Texas heat will allow. Rayden loves the slip n slide and Casen is mastering it as well!!! We have still been working on the house what seems like every waking minute. It is fun to see all the progress we have made. We have sod coming today, so that will be another big project under our belt! I keep saying I will post pictures soon, and I WILL, it just seems like there is always another project in the making that I am waiting for to get "after" pictures!!! We are having Casen's 1st birthday party at the house this weekend (he will be 1 on the 23rd) I cannot believe that it is even possible that it has been a year since we welcomed him into our life!!! Most of the pictures are of Casen, he is just into everything these days, it is hard not to grab the camera to capture all those moments!!!!

Slip N Sliding!!

Now, this is what a real Pirate looks like, in case you were wondering....

The Baby Loves the MUD!!!

(With our neighbor, Rene)

Did I mention Casen likes the MUD????

Finding a Box

"Swimming" in the Dog's water!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks, Four Wheelers, & Fun

For the 4th of July we went out to Chance's dad's shop. They guys cooked out and there was plenty of four wheeling, dirt biking, fishing, and playing in the dirt going on!!! It was great to get to hang out and see everyone, friends and family, and there was well over 50 people there!! Casey bought a huge assortment of fireworks so there was quite a show at night fall!!!
Chance and Casen cooling off

Chance on the dirt bike, Rayden on the 4 wheeler
Casen taking a ride with Chance
(When Chance would drive off without Casen, Casen would start stomping his feet and waving his arms and then was off walking after the dirt bike, it was kinda sad!!!)

Hanging out!

Colbie and Brady playing in the dirt

Brandy blowing bubbles for the kids

Holly scooping Casen out of the way of the 4 wheelers
Rayden & Brady
Lots of important conversations going on here....

Logan & Casen

Casen & Cash trying to figure out how to get the 4 wheeler going

Cash saying "see, I don't need any help, I know how this thing works...."