Friday, March 27, 2009

Catching Up

Snow Day, so could it be Halloween?????
I guess considering that we woke up to snow and ice this morning, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to think today might be Halloween, especially since there is a batman running around my house!!! Rayden, and all his super powers, have been hard at it today, saving the dog and poor Casen!! I guess if we are playing dress up, Casen is going as a boxer, to match his first black eye, poor guy! Last night he fell and hit his face on the window sill, and woke up with a black eye. I can't help but call him "Bruiser" every time I look at him!! The snow had pretty much melted away before Rayden had a chance to go play in it. However, there was still a little snow left under his trampoline, so he headed out to make snow angels!

His beautiful black eye!!! But still smiling...

Snow Angel, well something like it...

Science Spectrum

Over the weekend we took the boys to Lubbock for the weekend, on a mini vacation! We stayed at the Embassy Suites so Rayden could swim, ate good, went out for ice cream and had a good weekend. Rayden didn't want to come home from "bacation"!!! We also went to the Science Spectrum while we were in Lubbock. Rayden loves this place and he did not want to leave!!! I am sure a full day there still wouldn't be enough for him!!!

Playing with bubbles

Chance making a bubble over Rayden

Casen, not quite enjoying himself yet!

Rayden on the mini tramp

now it's Casen's turn

Casen LOVED this little roller coaster!!! He wouldn't stop crawling over to it trying to get on. I bet Chance had to take him down it 10 times!!!

Chance & Rayden "flying" an old plane

Clovis Zoo

Over spring break me and Rayden & my sister in law Melissa and her son Gage, went with our friends Jose & Shannon and their kids, Alexia, Ariel, and Logan to the Clovis Zoo. Surprisingly, it was actually a pretty nice little zoo. The kids had a lot of fun and got to experience the animals up close and personal, as the enclosures are minimal. They saw tigers, lions, bears, giraffes, wolves, otters, zeedonks, buffalo, monkeys, as well as a ton of birds, ducks, and peacocks. Their was even a small area with calves that they could pet! It was a great little day venture!! Thanks Shannon for inviting us!!!

Rayden & the tiger

Rayden & the otters

Rayden & Ariel looking at the lion

Alexia & the giraffe

Rayden & the giraffe

Rayden & Gage under a very appropriate sign!!!

The Bear

Rayden, Logan, & Ariel looking at the tiger

Ariel & Rayden looking at themselves.....I mean, looking at the monkeys!!! ha ha

Ariel & Rayden looking at the Hyena

(notice the sign.....I wonder how many kids have gotten bitten by getting up to that rinky dink little fence and sticking their fingers in the cage????)

Rayden & Gage looking at the little alligator

And big, nasty snakes....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Pictures

We finally got around to getting family pictures taken this weekend. We have not had any family pictures made since Casen was born, so it was time!!! The boys did really well, although I had to leave so Casen would take pictures without crying. He has developed his attachment to his mommy!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday was an exciting day, we got a new puppy. He is a 12 week old Bichon Frise. I have always wanted a Bichon (and an English Bulldog) and he is the most adorable little thing ever. Rayden is so excited about having a puppy, Casen isn't sure what to think about the new guy.

For now, we are calling him Trig, the name I picked out. I was sure Chance would love that name, but he hates it. He wants to name him Spud, which I really don't like!!! So, for now he is called Trig by me and Rayden, and Spud or Puppy by Chance. I guess we will have to make a final decision before we make him a confused little guy!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tumbling, Crawling, & Camo Cake

Casen has become VERY mobile. He is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything. He has giving himself his first black eye pulling up on the entertainment center and falling against it...poor baby! He has two bottom teeth in and more on the way. I am afraid he is going to be walking before we know it and I am definitely NOT ready for that!!!

Rayden had another tumbling meet this weekend and did a GREAT job, and I'm not saying that just because I am his mother! He did everything he was supposed to and landed all of it, including his one handed cartwheel that he has struggled with! His instructor told me that she had several people ask her how she was able to get "that lil bitty guy" to do everything so good!!! I am so proud of him. He works so hard. I am very glad that he is so athletic and that the enjoys sports!!!

Yesterday was Uncle Casey's birthday and he had requested a "camo cake". So, I tried. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but I guess it turned out okay!

Look at that smile... he was so proud of himself!!!

Doing his trampoline routine.

Getting his medals!!

They tumbled last week during the halftime of the SPC basketball game.

My Sweet Boy.... He is growing up so fast!

And another sweet boy!!

The boys love bath time!!!

Casen loves his bull he got for Christmas, he loves to pull up on it and "pet" it!

Look at that smile.... (ignore his supper that is all over his beautiful hooters shirt!)

Crawling all over the place

He is just so sweet..... I don't know how else to describe him!!!

Rayden sharing his sucker with Casen. Casen will literally attack Rayden for suckers, food, etc!!

The Camo Cake